Volunteers for Chairpersons & Events

PTA Chairs & Volunteers Needed!!!
The PTA assists with many programs and events throughout the school year.  Many volunteers are needed in order for these programs and events to happen successfully.  Please consider volunteering for one (or more) of the various events.  Each event we sponsor needs a chairperson, and some number of people to volunteer at the actual event.  Both chairperson & event volunteers are needed.  Please click here to see which chairperson positions are available for this calendar year & consider signing up for one! 

These events can't happen without our amazing volunteers!!
Contact wolfswamppto@gmail.com if you have any questions! 

CORI Reminder

Attention all school, classroom, field trip and Field Day volunteers! If you plan on volunteering on a repeated basis or being regularly involved in school/class activities, it is legally required that you apply for a CORI check. CORI forms are located in your child’s school office. CORI checks usually take approx 10-14 days to clear. Due to the length of approval time, please do not wait until the last minute to apply for your CORI check.

If you plan on volunteering for Field Days, field trips, etc., it is your responsibility to call your child’s school office to verify that you have an approved CORI form on file. Please call your home school office to verify the status of your CORI. You can also call your home school office to inquire as to whether or not your CORI has expired. Please do not call the superintendent’s office inquiring about the status of your CORI.  If you need further assistance, please call the Wolf Swamp School at 565-4270.

What is a Homeroom Parent??

The Homeroom Parent, aka Room Mom/Dad, is a parent that assists their child's teacher and the PTA with a few activities throughout the year such as classroom parties or craft activities.Please consider reaching out to your homeroom teacher today to see if they need a room parent.

In general, these are the common requests from the teachers and the PTA:

  • Collect & organize classroom parent email list
  • Organize classroom parties including providing supplies
  • Scholastic book orders*
  • Copy/trace/cut/laminate as needed/requested by the teacher*
  • Time in the classroom as needed/requested by the teacher (usually is minimal, especially in grades 2+)
  • Staff Appreciation week – coordinate activities requested by the event committee
  • Coordinate teacher and classroom gifts, if any
  • Take pictures from year-round events (including parties, special projects, etc.) to be included in the yearbook. Send copies of the photos to the Yearbook Chair, Dorothy Martin, after each event. Easily uploaded to the yearbook website!
  • Special requests from PTA for parent volunteers

*many teachers have a parent other than the room parent assist with these activities.

Important Note: the homeroom parent does not need to perform all of these tasks – feel free to delegate to your classroom parents!

To volunteer for Homeroom Parent, check the box on the Volunteer Form and send it in to the PTA.

Cut out or laminate math centers (any amount of time is appreciated)

Contact: Nancy Moriarty (Math Resource Teacher) @ moriartynt@aol.com