Yearbook Photo Uploads

Dear Wolf Swamp Community - 

I am the new yearbook coordinator. We have contracted with a new company this year, Entourage, which will be more cost efficient for the Wolf Swamp families.
There are a few other benefits of working with this company. One of which is the ability to utilize cell phone pictures, which is something that has not been possible in the past. Included in this benefit is a website called LINK, which allows the Wolf Swamp Faculty, Parents, and the students to contribute photos to the yearbook. Anyone can contribute photos using either an email upload or an easy-to-set-up account on Link that can be accessed through an app or the website (details are included on the second page).

The flyer attached below outlines the upload procedure completely & is super easy to follow!

Photos that are submitted should be tagged with the children’s name and possible event. Throughout the year, I will review these photos for the ability to include them based on the content, immediate relevance to school functions (no after school programs or sporting events), and also permission from parents for their child to be photographed/included in the yearbook. I may also limit photos as to make sure that as many children from the school are included as possible. 
I will try to make it easy for families, faculties, and students to submit by creating direct emails that you can contribute to. For example, I have already created upload emails for both the Family Picnic, the Wolf Pack Meetings, and the Boo Bash. I will also be creating one for 5th Grade only photos.

Direct Email Upload Method (email pics directly to email address below): 

5th Grabe Baby Pics for Yearbook:
5th Grade:       
Walk to school:       
Wolf Pack Meetings:

As many of you do, I work a full-time job and will not be able to attend all of the activities as Dorothy was able to do over the past few years. I would greatly appreciate any help in capturing our children throughout the year. 
Thank you in advance for all of your help!
Jessica Kamauff  (
Please direct any questions you have to me via email.
Wolf Swamp PTA,
Nov 7, 2017, 6:21 AM